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Armata's Market

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Meet the Managers

Meat Department Manager - Rolando Diaz

Meat Department Manager - Rolando Diaz photorolando.jpg
Rolando has 15 years experience in the meat industry. He started off as a chicken and meat wrapper. He has 5 uncles and 10 cousins all who are in the meat industry. You could say, meat cutting runs in the family. He is a native from the Dominican Republic. He has family in the business from New York to Miami. Rolando is very proud of Armata's becoming Angus Beef Certified this past winter. He takes great pride in his work. Come in and see how he can help you.

Dairy Department Manager - Jeff Antaya

Dairy Department Manager - Jeff Antaya photojeff.jpg
Jeff has 20 years experience in the grocery arena. His past experience has been at Dave's Soda & Pet City and Shop Rite. At Armata's Jeff is overseeing the entire dairy inventory. He is a 1987 graduate of AIC. He will always take the time to help out a customer. He also is a huge sports fan!