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Meet Our Bakers

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“When it comes to made-from-scratch baking, there’s nothing we can’t do or create!"

In addition to custom-cut meats, locally sourced produce and specialty food items, Armata’s Market in Longmeadow continues a fleet of good food with a seriously delectable in-store bakery.  All by hand and with a lot of heart, Carmino Santaniello and Michelle Campbell are using the best ingredients to create a unique sampling of freshly made goodies.  

Carmino and Michelle's creations are a delicious piece of the locally owned, independent market. 

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Meet Michelle

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Michelle Campbell

Michelle has been working at Armata's for 7 years. She recently became the Bakery Manager. She is enjoying Cake Decorating classes. At home she loves to bake, draw and play ukulele. She grew up in neaby Enfield Ct. Michelle's favorite item to bake and decorate are the Armata's specialty cupcakes.

"I am throughly enjoying my transistion to Bakery Manager. Working with Carmino is a pleasure."


Meet Carmino

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Carmino Santaniello

Hi just a little about me... "I started baking at the age of 17 (my dad when I was 4 or 5 would take me to the Modern Bakery where they made breads and the smell and the feel  of  the dough back then was when I knew that this is what I wanted to do ) so I started in  1977 at Liberty Bakeries making donuts stayed there for a spell went to Gus and Pauls for 4 years and then went back to liberty where I stayed there till they closed in 1987 and within 4 weeks Atkins farm called me and I stayed there for 28  years and was head baker and production manager I love baking and still really enjoy what I do …I taught myself a lot and have created many recipes ..I still love what I do and now I bring some of my country baking to Armata’s."

“My dad brought me to Modern Bakery in Springfield - where I grew up - when I was about four or five,” says Carmino.  “I tagged along and watched the bakers make loaves of bread; they had me make one as well.  I remember the feeling of the dough and the great smells.  It just stuck with me.”

Growing up, Carmino’s father owned Joseph's Pizza Shop on Main Street in Springfield. He worked there for a while, but quickly learned he loved the early mornings versus late nights. Carmino, with his hands firmly grasped around his trusty rolling pin (that he’s been using for over two decades) is a master crafter.  Chances are you probably won’t see him much, as he’s rolling out the dough in his “underground bakery,” located just below the main floor of the market.  If you do get a glimpse, you’ll notice he’s innately happy with a relaxed, warm smile.  With his coffee maker and music in arms reach, this is his muse.

 A self-taught baker, he learned from those around him while developing his own skills in the kitchen.  Carmino says he began in 1977 and has been baking ever since.  Along the way he served as manager of a number of bakeries, including a 28-year stint at Atkins Farms Country Market in Amherst.  Now, Carmino has brought a little of that country to Armata’s.